Status of manufacturing facilities and inspection equipment of Daerim Machinery Co., Ltd.

Equipment name Volume Quantity Equipment name Volume Quantity
mold press 2000ton 1 molding press 4000ton 1
molding press 2000ton 3 flange machine for large end plates 2
Frenzy Machine for small plates 1 bending laura large diameter 3
bending laura small caliber 1 section steel bending machine large diameter 1
section steel bending machine small caliber 1 overhead crane 20TON 外 15
Genturi Crane 20TON 1 automatic welding machine sub, mobile 1/1
arc welder 15Kw/7.5Kw 10/5 tig welder 600A 8
CO2 welding machine 600A 10 shelf 10자/15자 2/1
radial drilling machine DIA4000/2000 1/1 transport truck - 2
high frequency grinder 7인치/4인치 14/6 electric grinder 7인치/4인치 6/6
air grinder 4인치 3 gouging machine 800A/1500A 6/4
welding rod dryer - 1 air compressor 100HP/7.5HP 1/2
automatic oxygen cutting machine 직선/곡선 120t 10/4 plasma cutter Max 80t/40t 1/4
model cutting machine - 3 small folding machine 50t 1


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