Hi! This is Pilho Ha, the CEO of Daerim.

Daerim will always strive to produce quality products. We ask for your constructive feedback.

Thank you to customers who visited our Daerim Engineering website.

As a manufacturer specializing in hard plate and bending located in Noksan Industrial Complex in Busan, we are equipped with press, flange machine, and bending machine. We are participating in the equipment industry based on our long experience in the production of pressure vessels and high pressure tanks, various and boilers.

Daerim Engineering & Construction, which has grown with the infinite trust and love of customers, acquired Daerim End Plate (Gyeongpan) in June 2008, developing and supplying cryogenic and LNG tanks while preparing for a bigger market. We will do our best, and all of our employees will make every effort to provide better quality and lower prices.

In the future, we promise to establish an innovative management system to become a leader in pressure vessels and other processed products. In the end, we promise to become Daerim Machinery, who strives to research hard in return for your support, and we hope for your continuous guidance.


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